Our puree is a high-quality product from our South American growers.
Certified organic and/or Fairtrade!

This perfect puree is fresh and packed with flavour, boasting a gorgeous creamy colour.
Wonderfully versatile for ice creams, drinks, yoghurt, chocolates, juices, breads, smoothies, pancakes, baby food and more.

Not letting food go to waste is one of our main principles. By extending our fresh trade into puree, we can now use every one of our excellent Fairtrade/organic products. Today, we are in a position where we can guarantee to buy our growers entire harvest, preventing the dumping of unmarketable foods. Even the skins are being put to good use as a base for animal food, by a high-quality manufacturer that shares our principles.

Together with our growers, we packed all our extensive experience into this pureed product, maximising sustainability and letting nothing go to waste.
You’ll be wanting more!

To meet every need we have a storage facility in the Netherlands and we can deliver small to large volumes in boxes, bins or drums. Large volumes may be packed on customers request, shipped directly to their destination. Our locally based South-American quality department helps our growers and provides technical assistance. Both upon departure and upon arrival in Europe our beautiful fresh fruit undergoes quality and pesticide checks so the Tropical fruit that reaches your shelves and our customers tables is all good, no bad. Guaranteed.

Banana Puree
The banana, the whole banana and nothing but the banana. Fresh sustainable bananas are what we started our business out with. Our banana puree is not just a top quality product, it has a special added value. It is a true Feel-Good Banana! Check the sustainable supply chain of the banana puree!

Mango Puree
For the most delicious juices, smoothies and blends you can’t beat our mango puree! Certified organic and/or Fairtrade mango puree from fruit that has basked in the sunshine until its flesh is a bright golden orange. Our Totapuri, Kent, Alphonso and Kesar varieties are all stars in their own range but equal in top quality. Processed in certified manufactories, only our best, fully ripe and juicy mangoes win their ticket to the West.

And in case you wonder why our Indian mangoes are your best choice, we have a whole list of reasons!

Our competitive prices, top quality product and excellent service should be reason enough, of course, but our Fair Trade arrangement with the Indian farmers is what really makes the difference. You can reward the people that got these little packs of goodness to your table by ensuring they can make a decent living for themselves. Now doesn’t that make our mango just a little sweeter?

For more information please contact:
Lennart van Leenen
(Product Manager Ingredients)
+31(0)180 – 643 901

Banana Puree
Banana Puree
Mango Puree