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20th December 2022

Happy Holidays

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.
From everyone at AgroFair we wish you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year 2023!

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24th February 2022

Inauguration of the plastic recycling factory Ecoban

Grupo ECOBAN’s banana plastic recycling plant was inaugurated on 10 February. Plastic used in the production is collected, cleaned, granulated and melted into corner boards. More than 2,000 containers can be exported with corner boards made of recycled plastic, each year. Worldwide, an estimated 500 thousand hectares of bananas are grown for export, which equates to 1 billion plastic bunch bags hung around the bunches (about 20,000 tonnes), each year.

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18th November 2021

Twee miljard Fairtrade bananen een kwestie van lange adem

25 jaar geleden kwamen de eerste bananen met het Fairtrade keurmerk op de Rotterdamse kade. Dat moment haalde de voorpagina’s van de ochtendkranten, want het was destijds groot nieuws. Allereerst een imponerend cijfer: eind 2021 hebben de Nederlandse consumenten zo’n 2,3 miljard Fairtrade bananen opgepeuzeld. Maar dat mooie resultaat kwam niet vanzelf. Een reflectie.
Geschreven door Jos Harmsen, Supply & Development, Fairtrade Nederland.

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1st October 2021

Webinar: the future of bananas and fairtrade

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of AgroFair, we are pleased to invite you to our online event: ‘The future of bananas and Fairtrade’.

This event will be organized to bring to the table the most important issues for the Latin American Fairtrade and organic banana industry and the impact of European policies and market conditions on its cultivation and trade.

When: Wednesday 13th of October at 4 p.m. (Brussels time)

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7th May 2021

AgroFair celebrates 25 years of Fairtrade bananas. Interview with Fairtrade International

It’s a quarter of a century since Fairtrade bananas first appeared on supermarket shelves in Europe. They were imported by AgroFair. CEO Hans-Willem van der Waal reflects on 25 years of partnering with Fairtrade – and why, despite the challenges, he’s optimistic about the future.

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21th April 2021

Celebrating the second most consumed fruit in the world!

We very much want to wish everybody a “happy banana day”!
The banana is a true world food, consumed universally as a necessity of life and recognised in the developed world as a healthy and nutritious convenience food.

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14th April 2021

Statement about banana disease discovery in Peru (Foc TR4)

This week AgroFair was startled by the news that a first case of the banana fungal disease Foc TR4 has been identified in Peru. Foc TR4 is a mutant that is the first to be able to attack the Cavendish banana.

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15th February 2021

AgroFair extends additional Covid payment to banana producers

As a result of the pandemic, banana producers suffered strong obstacles in the production. Banana importer AgroFair, know of the Oké banana, extends its voluntary additional payment to cover Covid-costs of its producers

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7th February 2021

New Zealand’s Greenest Banana: All Good Bananas, T&G Fresh and AgroFair partner to launch a NZ first

From February 1 2021, when you choose an All Good banana, it’ll not only be Fairtrade but also certified carbon neutral.

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12th October 2020

AgroFair pays voluntary Covid-19 compensation premium to its banana growers

AgroFair has decided to pay $ 0.05 per box of bananas as a voluntary contribution to our producers for unexpected costs they have incurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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7th July 2020

AgroFair’s founder, the Dutch NGO Solidaridad, sold the last remaining part of its shares in our company

Recently, AgroFair’s founder, the Dutch NGO Solidaridad, sold the last remaining part of its shares in our company.

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17th April 2019

AgroFair zet grote stap naar de werkelijke prijs van bananen met ‘All Good’

De introductie van de duurzaamste banaan met de eerlijkste prijs; de All Good banaan van AgroFair. Hiermee biedt AgroFair de eerste biologische Fairtrade-banaan die een leefbaar loon garandeert én klimaatneutraal is.

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