Bio-Organic. Fair Trade.


We don’t want to leave a bad taste in your mouth: AgroFair is committed to supply nothing but the most sustainable produce. We want to incorporate sustainability and quality in all parts of our supply chain. One way of doing this – but certainly not the only way! – is by compliance with international standards.

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Sourcing Fair Trade bananas is still our core business.

From that healthy starting point we have always felt the need to take things further. We are very concerned about the rights, health and well-being of the people who work hard every day to grow and pack our fruit. Social standard certifications, our FairTrade Premium and the Living Wage concept are among the instruments we gladly make use of to better the lives of the people at the root of our business: our colleagues and co-workers.



The Fairtrade standard is based on four principles: Social Development (Management of the Fairtrade premium), Labour Conditions, Environmental Development, and Sustainable Trade. It contains Core and Development criteria. The difference with the RFA standard is that there is a minimum price, Fairtrade premium, obligation to have permanent contracts for permanent work and stronger checks on compliance.



Demeter is a special form of organic agriculture, which is inspired by the antroposofic principles of Rudolf Steiner. Circular and mixed agriculture and the use of special preparations are characteristic of this way of organic agriculture.



The organic standard is based on the international principles of natural agriculture. Crop rotation and improvement of soil fertility with compost and manure are important principles. Synthetic chemicals are not allowed.

Social certifications and initiatives

Workers’ rights and well-being are embedded in standards such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance. Standards help us make sure that workers in our supply chain enjoy acceptable labour conditions and decent wages. We take a very firm stand on this issue: we buy only from companies that have one of these certifications. Over 65% of our fruit is sourced from suppliers with Fairtrade certification and another 35% with Rainforest Alliance and/or Demeter certification.

  • All of our products are certified Fairtrade and/or Organic.
  • Our producers are GlobalGap certified (or in the process of becoming certified).
  • Our company quality system is based on the International Food-safety Standard certification (IFS Broker), by which we are certified since 2011.