Bio-Organic. Fair Trade.

Social & Environmental Policy

We all know it now: this is one single, green planet we share between us. So we better do it well. We better be eco-friendly. We will keep driving forward, for instance with new and better ideas to measure and quantify sustainability. Not just in the field, but throughout the entire value chain. And that’s not just banana oil; that is a promise.

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Fair. Trade. Clear as a bell.

When it comes to people, we don’t monkey around. Serious concern for environment and for the health and safety of the people that produce and grow our fruit is what started our business in the first place.

We feel responsible

There is a lot of bad fruit out there. That’s why we are passionate advocates of Fair Trade. To us, there are no two ways about the meaning of that: Fair. Trade. Clear as a bell.

But don’t take our word for it: our products carry the Max Havelaar/Fairtrade labels. The most trusted label for fair trade today.

Here is what we feel is Fair: our producers are co-owners of our company. Our added value is passed back to them. We feel responsible. We put faces to our products, we want to connect our customers directly to the small farmers and farm workers on the plantations. We are making this personal!


‘Right from the Producer’

We would like to make life easier on both ends of the line. If you are our buyer, we want you to be happy too! We know that buying from individual small producers can be a lot of hassle. With Agrofair you still buy from small producer sources but you are dealing with a single partner. Us!

Agrofair is owned by various farmer cooperatives. They own 30% of the shares of the company and have a real say in the management.

We hold true to our promise. You still buy right from the producer. But all the stuff that can get so complicated (like production support, quality systems, certification, traceability and logistics, import processes, distribution, packaging, development and marketing support distribution, packaging development and marketing support) is all in the hands of a single committed and dedicated professional: AgroFair. Making your life a lot easier.

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