Make the difference. Impact investing is about creating impact. On large and small scale.
Below are just a few of the stories from our Fairtrade Producers in Peru, Panama, Nicaraqua.

The cooperative of APOQ, Peru, used part of their premium for soil improvement by providing organic inputs and fertilisers to enhance soil quality. All farmers in the cooperative benefit from this project.

APPBOSA, Peru, invested premium in a variety of projects to improve and renew their infrastructures in the fields and in and around the packing stations. New basins in packing stations, renewal of irrigation canals and road paving are some examples.

Also at APPBOSA, premium money was spent to provide supplies to the medical posts, so they can continue their work in giving medical care to children and the community in general.

Food baskets for the elderly are also an example of how APPBOSA uses their premium as a benefit to the community.

Cenbanor spent premium on practical trainings for their associates on actual themes such as soil improvement, and on general topics around improvement of farm management. All associates benefit from gaining new insights in improving their productivity and quality.

As in previous years, Coobana continues their housing project. Each year, several new homes are built to replace old ones which have become unfit for family occupation. Every year, a number of families profit and a receive a decent place to live, with all basic provisions such as a bathroom and a kitchen.

Banana plantations are renewed after a certain amount of time in order to retain productivity. All old banana plants are replaced by young banana plants. The renovation is carried out segment per segment to avoid large fluctuations in volume. 30% of the costs of renovation are paid with premium.

Our supplier Coquimba in Nicaragua received their FLO certificate this year – congratulations! – which will generate many premium projects in the coming year. Already the school children are profiting by receiving school supplies.