Richard Mensah
He is 34 years old and has 5 children. He is a worker at CocoPack for two years now. Before this, he was a teacher at a primary school, but was fired due to the lack of funds.

Cocopack has always been a priority for the welfare of its employees. In 2007, the company received Smeta (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certification. After delivering Coconut bio / organics to AgroFair, Cocopack today embodies a new partnership with Agrofair based on Fair Trade. Therefore Cocopack and all its employees together in an association called “Cocopack Fair Trade Association” mobilize every day to offer you a little dream and coconut full of sun and their smiles and joy of living . The workers are waiting hopefully until the first Fairtrade premium is paid, and they can start implementing the projects that are formulated by Cocopack Fair Trade Association.

It is very clear that the money will benefit all employees, most of whom live in the villages near the farm.