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AgroFair pays voluntary Covid-19 compensation premium to its banana growers


AgroFair has decided to pay $ 0.05 per box of bananas as a voluntary contribution to our producers for unexpected costs they have incurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Of course, this is a gesture that cannot compensate all the costs, not to speak of difficult situations and sometimes sorrowful events that have happened. But thanks to the continued efforts of our producers to supply we have been able to satisfy the demand of our customers. In many European countries, the sales of food products in retail shops have increased and bananas are no exception. This is a good way to show solidarity with our producers by sharing across the value chain.”

AgroFair launched the first Fairtrade banana in the world in 1996! Today, the Rotterdam-based importer of fresh bananas, distributes a range of sustainable bananas: Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, organic and/or Demeter certified. The company is partly owned by its suppliers. In this way, cooperative organizations of banana farmers and workers, participate in decision-making and in the value added by the company. AgroFair just published its 2019 Sustainability Report, complying with GRI4 reporting standard.


AgroFair’s founder, the Dutch NGO Solidaridad, sold the last remaining part of its shares in our company


Recently, AgroFair’s founder, the Dutch NGO Solidaridad, sold the last remaining part of its shares in our company.  Solidaridad, founder and creator of the Max Havelaar/Fairtrade concept, established AgroFair in 1996 with the sole purpose to bring the Fairtrade or banana on the market. Since then, both the Fairtrade concept and AgroFair, have been hugely successful. The European market share of Fairtrade bananas is around 10%, while AgroFair has grown from humble beginnings to a company selling close to 8 million boxes of Fairtrade and sustainable bananas per year.

Solidaridad took the unique decision to let banana producer organizations participate in the share capital of AgroFair. In this way, farmers in the South participate in the value added in the Northern consumer markets. By the transfer, the farmer shareholders increase their participation in the share capital to well over 40%, whereas ethical investor PPP acquires another part of the shares.

With this move, the unique producer-owned character of AgroFair is reinforced, while AgroFair continues to work with Solidaridad on important themes of social and ecological fairness.



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